Saturday, April 19, 2008

Of mice and men

This is teh make-my-day funny. Wondering, however, if there was a video somewhere? Someone knows of a link? That would be real ROFL stuff.

And on the same funny lines, here's another that I chanced upon :
If a programming language was a boat not that I've ever so much as heard of turing, or ruby and other such languages, it's still hilarious. Do check out!


narendra shenoy said...

The Onion is incredibly funny. I owe you at least a beer, if not eternal gratitude, for introducing me to it. And the boat thing.

Partho said...

As re buying beers, I love This blogger's philosophy. Chances are slim you'll be visiting Jharkhand any time soon, so I might just land up in your neighborhood one of these days, and then we'll talk at leisure, oops, lager.