Sunday, April 20, 2008

SRK chromosomes

My dear Kolkata has let me down this evening. Miserably.

The warning signals were there, even before the coin was thrown. As Jadeja handed it over to Rabi Shastri for the toss, the telecast lost video feed. Shastri had a pathetic time doing his opening line twice. Then it become a regular feature of the telecast. Every time the commentator at the box tried to transfer feed to an away location. With only the exception of their fetching PYT ( keep forgetting her name, old age catches up) and her footage. Maybe because hers were recorded video. But I would have blamed it entirely on SET MAX and Kunal Dasgupta. You didn't need to do shoddy work to make quick bucks, people. As it is, you had the mint at your disposal.

Who could one blame those 22 yards on then? Nobody perhaps will argue the fact that the wicket was not suited for any manner of limited overs cricket. Like Ajay Jadeja remarked, " Slow and Low, now how often have we heard that?" For a fifty over match that pitch would be a dampener. For T20, it was bloody murder. The lessons are evidently never learnt.

What Kolkata really shamed me with, though, was the drama over lights that dragged on and on. Till such time smart people in the commentary box suggested invoking D/L and adjudged the match to be a tie. All these would've been standard fair about two decades back. To follow up the grand opening at B'lore with this poor show? Unpardonable.

Only by SRK's lucky charm and Hussey's cool finish could Dada and his Knights save face today. BTW I could not spot most of Kolkata's page3 crowd (apart from Rituparna) at the box. King Khan should take care to add more local flavor to his cheer brigade. Especially in home matches.

Pic source : Cricinfo

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