Saturday, April 19, 2008

Of mice and men

This is teh make-my-day funny. Wondering, however, if there was a video somewhere? Someone knows of a link? That would be real ROFL stuff.

And on the same funny lines, here's another that I chanced upon :
If a programming language was a boat not that I've ever so much as heard of turing, or ruby and other such languages, it's still hilarious. Do check out!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

All you who sleep tonight

A gust of wind in early evening. No, slightly stronger, a gale. Yes, it's a gale. As in, not a storm. With all due promise of a good nor'wester, it peters out. Not a drop of rain. Branches rubbing up each other's thighs. Leaves and twigs blown in on our bedspread through the open third-story window. A whoosh here, and a shoo-i-eee there. Then. Suddenly. No, I don't think Dennis did it. The lights are out all over the neighborhood. Remember that all black panel from Hank Ketcham?

Seven-fifteen post meridian . Early days yet. After an hour's wait lights are back. Not on our street, they aren't. We fret. Fume. Cuss. And call up maintenance. Repent that decision of not buying battery backup before this summer. Head out of home. No choice but. Bad moon rising. Listen.

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Turns out there's a snag at the transformer. Maintenance people work out a wonderfully equitable solution. They cut off the substation and go home to sleep. Back to black. Whole square furlong. Thanks to that gale, it ain't that hot a night. Meaning, just below 30 degree c with 75% humidity. Forty winks? Forget it. Me too worked up as it is. Why does my blood boil every time there's a power cut deep into the night and nobody tells me ghost stories?

Toss. Turn. Sweat some. On about my eighth wink, phone buzz. Who the, what the heck's the time etc. My senior colleague at 2:33 AM. Wants me to go to the steel plant and try and fix something some mother's messed up. No it won't wait till morning. I feel kinda relieved, actually. Wasn't getting much sleep anyway. Mustn't let it show, though. Show righteous indignation, fool.

Next afternoon, asleep. Evening, groggy. Now I understand why firefighters write so very few blogs.

Well, everything has to pass, I imagine. That was two nights ago. Tonight we're back in business. Tonight I'm tossing pasta. Oh, how I love to cook. And when it's pasta, I go with my gut. Penne in bianco con salsa di pollo e verdure. La mia bambina mi ama cucinare la pasta. A bit easy on the sauce, all right?

My fav corner of the universe. Ah yes, the drink. Haig. With some ice and water. Like they say, Don't be vague, say Haig & Haig.