Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mujer de mi hermano,La

Does eating exactly 20 grapes for breakfast make you radiant and succulent like Barbara Mori? Must it take an impotent man to be cold in what is obviously a heated pool at night with his horny young wife, who has recently rediscovered her sexuality through an adulterous affair? Can fornicating only on Saturday nights raise your ying or something? Isn't it odd that “Soy alĂ©rgico a los peces” is an expression you learn early in Spanish classes? (Is it a genetic thing in the Hispanic race which makes them largely allergic to fish?) Why should the walls in the master bedroom of a wealthy entrepreneur (where much of the action take place) look like the walls of a warehouse? What will make a man piss in the pool in his older brother's home after having sex with the brother's wife?

A barrage of such questions, and more, raced through my mind as I sat watching La Mujer De Mi Hermano . And Peanuts man that I am, I was like " no,yes,no,yes,maybe, what do I care?" Y'know, Peppermint Patty and Sally Brown rolled into one.
It's a bit late in the day writing some review for a three-year-old film. But some things just have to be done and be away with. Ever since I heard of barbara Mori and utubed her, I'd been looking for her much talked about bona fide movie debut. Then, they say, if you really really want something, the whole universe, and the torrent networks, will come together to get it for you. They are right. So I've had the film on my hard disk about a month now but since I waste so much time moonlighting on other peoples' blogs, I could finish watching it only this evening.

With a title like My Brother's Woman, can you expect anything more than an arty skin flick? Does the film raise profound ghosts on subjects of Catholicism, abortion, homosexuality? Is the backdrop of a Latin American society and their family values essential to the narrative? Have I ever seen an issue like sibling homosexual exploitation being brought out in a movie? Is there any other surprise in the storyline? Did the predictable ending disappoint? Does the film work, as any sort of meaningful cinema?

Why not, yes, very much, nope, none, no, and yes, sort of.

And finally, does Barbara Mori rock? Am I fan now? Am I looking for her other films too? Do I think casting her in Kites was a good idea?

YESSSSS! Yes,yes and I don't think so.

While finishing, the best piece of dialogue : ( On the morning after)

Zoe's gay friend : For the love of God! Wipe that guilty look off your face. I wish I woke up with something to feeI guilty about.
Zoe( Mori) : Look at how he left, that is--
ZGF : Who cares how he left? What matters is how you came.

Stupendous! Four stars.


narendra shenoy said...

Partho, check out this blog

You're going to love it!

narendra shenoy said...

BTW, that Mori babe is extremely dishy. If your taste is whiskey is as sound as your taste in Moris, I must pay old Geleppu a visit

Partho said...

I'd already checked out Indiequill from your blogroll. I l-o-u this post. Thanx. BTW, why hide url?
Apparently, she's not only my flavor of the season, but also Anurag Basu's. Must be a thing us Bongs have for saucy Latinas. About taste in things, I do try to be pleasantly eclectic sometimes, and try the offbeat.

Sud said...

Mori rocks

narendra shenoy said...

Not hiding the url. This nifty service is to enable those mile long urls to be posted into comments etc, which otherwise mercilessly truncate what doesn't fit into one line.

Lucky sod, that Hrithik. Maybe I should start accepting lead roles in films myself. You have a think too. There is of course the tiresome explaining to do to the spouse - why is there lipstick on your shirt kind of thing - but overall, the perks look sweet.

Partho said...

@ Naren : Yeah sure, whenever you're having date problems, redirect. But not the Bhatt brothers types, please.

@ Sud : Ain't she? Welcome to the Club.