Friday, May 09, 2008

Sitemeter Blues

Looks like it was not such a hot idea writing that piece on litti-chokha. Though whatever little traffic I get on this page is more than welcome, it's not a very amusing thought that gentlemen from Turkey and Israel should land up here from google searches for litti-porno and naynon porn. What in the world are these deviant forms of entertainment they're seeking, I wonder? Among these two, the second chap has paid me a visit twice, the first visit being weeks ago. Bloke sure seems to be earnest and desperate. I can't, for the life of me, figure out what have I done to deserve this special favor from m/s google. The fun, per se, hasn't yet started on my blog. Not that I don't think of giving it a go sometimes. Anyway, I wish the Turkman all the very best. May he find what he's looking for. And when he does, he should send over some of the stuff.

In the same context, I feel sorry for the person who just alighted here from a search for "Ghee manufacturers in Bihar". None of your fault, dude. Happens all the time with these wicked search engines.

Google Adsense, in the meantime, has proved to possesses a great sense of humor. They're frequently splashing their space with exiting lines like " Ultimate Potato Peeling Solutions" and "Are you watching your cholesterol?" BTW, does anybody know how I can claim from them the sixpence that's so rightfully mine thru' all these adverts? Last I heard, one needs to have a social security no. in Amreeka to make that claim. Any hope for us desi Desis, anyone?


narendra shenoy said...

Ghee manufacturers in Bihar! Sounds like a career option to me!

Great post. M/s Brin and Page are always good for a few laughs.

By the way, how do you know who's come to your site and where he's from and that sort of thing?

Partho said...

Allow me, my friend, to direct you here to take care of all your snooping needs. feedburner
will also do the job, and then some, but not in such graphic detail.
By the way, school is out from this weekend so I'll be taking the tribe back home to Kolkata for a week of business and pleasure. Be missing the blogworld for that short break. Have fun snooping!

rads said...

hehe, statcounter rocks more so too :)
Nice place! Hopped on here from Naren.

Partho said...

@ Rads, thank you! Do keep coming.

Yes, I've noticed you wordpress denizens stick to statcounter. I believe it should be great too, though haven't personally used it.