Friday, February 08, 2008

Glory Days

I had a close friend who has found me out after fourteen long years. We used to be in college together. We took our first jobs together in the same place. We were roommates there for almost two years.To put things in perspective, there were no secrets among us back then, no question was taboo. We could even compare, um.. lengths. (No, there was no such thing called homophobia in those days. In fact we had never known a gay person.) Some time in 1992, he left that job and later, drifted. He attended my wedding the next year. Never seen him since. After two longish phone calls of small talks and a round of who's who and where among common friends, how many kids you got in which grade, mail exchanges and some such games people play, he proceeds to ask me " Dude, did you drink your wife's
milk in the days when she was nursing? I mean willfully, not accidentally?" Top that for originality.