Monday, March 03, 2008

What, do we need a four this over?
Yesterday was a rare match. All that needs to be said about Sachin's effort was said here. I was however, most impressed by Young Sharma as Sunil Gavaskar kept calling him. He somehow reminded me of the young Inzamam. Not by delivery and shot selection, don't get me wrong there. I feel he still needs to learn there are vast tracts of land in a cricket field called square of the wicket. But his complete lack of expression, his definitive poker face brought back memories of the 1992 world cup semifinals, when Inzy would dispatch a delivery, walk towards his skipper, listen and nod with a completely blank expression and then take guard to send another through the covers.
This lad needs attention, tell you I !
Tomorrow's another day. The Punter and his pack are getting back on their horses.


bongopondit said...

Both the Sharmas have been revelations on this tour.

Hope India can lay the sucker punch today. Won't it be sweet to find Aus lose 3 in a row ?

Partho said...

What are you, president of Make-a-wish foundation? India has started well indeed.

bongopondit said...

Wish fulfilled :)