Monday, March 03, 2008

Only this evening, I came upon this bit of knowledge. That my nom de guerre was actually more popularly known as this. At first I'd chosen the word as it was close enough to my real name and conveyed, to my mind, a sense of alacrity and deftness. No wonder, many people to whom I'd casually dropped my page address and who understandably forgot most of it, googled and landed on the homepage of a prophylactic brand. Once there, they must've watched the mesmerizing demo and forgot where they were going in the first place.
I, therefore, ( I would have continued like.. submit before your kind authority and so on..out of sheer force of habit ) take the liberty to kick around the header a mite, and since I'm wallowing in self-pity and in a Coen brothers frame of mind, I liberally borrow the byline. The photo was taken a furlong off my home early last Sunday morning. No I don't live in open country. But such is India.

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