Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm kind of sleepy and it's getting to be late.
Tonight I won't post the extracts from my novella for which I'm in the market for a book deal.More of that later.
Tonight I'll just post some urls. All my favourites. They constitute about 20% of my net activity.
Rest is any body's guess. But I'm not going to advertise porn on this page.
http://www.lyrics007.com/ for al the song lyrics you'd ever want.
http://3mp3.ru/eng/ well, this is a treasure trove for free mp3
http://www.dpreview.com.This is must visit for all amateur and pro photographers and anyone looking to buy a digital camera. I've been, for quite some time. Pity I made a wrong choice and got me a handycam when I had the money.Saving for a real camera now. Handycams are for little girls. And video editing, a real pain.

Ciao and goodnight for tonight.

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