Saturday, July 05, 2008

Random Hurrrh

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. Having said that, we must acknowledge the wisdom in opting for the second best.

Thank God for handy phrases. Take the phrase ''having said that". Instantly allows you to go back on your premise. How useful is that?

By the way, I'm also mighty impressed with a Punjabi word which I've been hearing recently in a lot of songs. Some word that sounds like Hurrrh. Used once in the Singh is Kingg title (See earlier post). Now, go back to yesteryear's Mauja hi mauja. Again, lots of Hurrrh. Used with great efficacy as a resounding refrain. Makes the sound of somebody herding stray livestock. Like many a potent word, I suspect it can convey most anything under the sun. Even in this authentic qwaali by Nusrat ( singing Bulleh Shah's poetry)

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I would much appreciate it if anyone will enlighten me on the connotations of Hurrh. See, even wiki is not able to offer any help. Plus I'm encouraged by the kind of success gawker had with getting linguistic info on his blog.

In other news, the nearest theater showing Jane tu is 25 miles away, so I couldn't catch it. Saved the trouble of putting down a reaction.

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