Sunday, July 20, 2008

The ever growing Salman Khan
If he kept saying no, how would he ever grow?

Until now, it must be me only, but the way Salman Khan is growing taller by the day is a phenomenon all of us must soon recognize and suitably marvel at.

1994 : Andaz Apna Apna ; Salman and Amir were the same pint size

2008 : Dus Ka Dum ; Presto! Salman is three inches taller. Now, you'll say Salman has pimped up hair and Amir has tonsured his head, so here's another :

2006 : Rang De Basanti premiere ; See, see?

1998 : Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai ; SRK looks marginally taller

2007 : KBC ; Salman towers over both SRK, and KAT, who I thought stood a head above both!

At the rate Salman is vertically reaching out, grabbing progressively taller girlfriends, and surpassing his co-actors in stature, I think I should post another picture in advance:

Watch this space.


Sud said...

growing problem eh

Arjun said...

I know - I realized that as well! Do you think all the surgeries that he has lately been going through is actually for height increase rather than some Jaw pain! That is the only way! cause there is a surgery that can increase up to three inches at whatever age you are! he recently seems to be having a lot of pain and I think it is because of that!