Monday, June 09, 2008


Yes. I can't help talking about this ad. But maybe that's the whole idea behind the campaign. To make people like you and me mad and hate it so much the marketers have already created awareness for their product. I mean, till recently, they used their fresh faces and new discoveries to sell to the fairness obsession. Think fair and lovely and their models. Now Lever has gone and upped the ante and hired two-and-a-quarter of the country's hottest stars ( Neha Dhupia, stand up and be counted) to "act" in a "film" doing the same fairness routine. Yuck! I mean, the blood boils, the mind boggles, and words fail me. If you want more sickening info, check out here.

One thing is certain. I can never forgive Saif for doing this stuff. I mean, I thought he was way too classy and all....well, forget it.

IMHO, the worse thing than celebrities endorsing whiskey is ...... celebrities endorsing fairness concoctions!


Sud said...

This is what they need to ban, and they are all after banning tobacco advertisements.

I thought, things were going the right way after we got nandita das and bipasha, but looks like there is still some way to go

confused said...


White beauty! Are we still colonised in the mind?


I don't believe in banning anything. The ads exist because there is a market for it.

Partho said...

Confused: Colonized, did you say? Man, are you giving me ideas already? Say, ( both the gals being the same shade of dusk in reality), what if they had replced Neha Dhupia with a firang starlet? Would it add value?
Sud: Sadly, Confused is correct. We see what sells. And what sells is what we deserve to see.

narendra shenoy said...

We have the gora sahib so firmly entrenched in the mind that white is automatically equated to superior or beautiful. It's sad.

Agree with sud. This is what they need to ban, more than tobacco and alcohol. Then again, as confused said, these ads are there because there is a market for them.

It sucks, though.

Ms Taggart said...

Just yday someone was telling me that Priyanka is not one of ur dumb chicks.. but this ad shattered that opinion!!
God, how can someone endorse such an ad!!!

Btw, came here through Retributions.

Partho said...


Actually there was a very lively discussion going on this topic of fairness and beauty here
at retributions. You might like the points made.

Ms. Taggart

Priyanka Chopra won Ms. World by famously invoking the ghost of Mother Teressa. She now hobnobs with the Baweja family, a known clan of hicks from upcountry. What makes you think she should be a smart cookie?