Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Spring Chicken
It's spring. I had to throw the blankets away last night. and this photo was taken this morn near my backyard off the garage.
Is that a meadowsweat in the center? I was never good at these things. Googling doesn't help much either. Now that spring is officially here and India is playing a loserly match at Sydney today, I feel compelled to down a He-man 9000.
And I'm eating chicken for Sunday lunch, after eons. This part of the world is famous for h5n1. It's become an yearly phenomenon now, the wrath of the flu gods.Among the contradictory messages over media over the past month, nobody knew if one could die of eating chickens. Now the government has come clean on the issue. Funny thing, what they're telling us now were being said by The Poultry Lobby all along. They took out quarter page ads in national dailies. In the same issue of the same papers, State Government agencies would publish notices, in public interest, to stay away from poultry and eggs and not to go near where they are bred and sold. It created all sorts of confusion in educated people who read the news.
I went to the poultry market today to witness a sad scenario. Many of the chicken-sellers have gone home to till their lands or whatever. Respectable intelligentsia are still not seen buying poultry. Actually I've talked to many and found all that they need is moral support. Well, somebody had to be the pioneer. I guess I'd heard the call.
Just don't call on me if I get body ache and fever in a coupla days, will ya?


Anonymous said...

for sunday afternoon isn't got meat a must? my sunday lunch is incomplete without the purfunctory and noisy belch with every body around being able to smell my lunch.

Partho said...

With our fast fading age, don't you think red meat should be sparsely consumed? I do about twice a month. Moreover, after emitting that belch and taking the siesta, I tend to feel a little heavy in the evening and constipated the next morning. Beauty of chicken is you can eat it at most meals throughout the week.