Sunday, December 16, 2007

I just dropped in ( to see what condition my condition was in)

I was shopping in of these retail chain stores at a big mall. For the most part, I live in a small place which has yet to see corporate retailing. Thus whenever I go to a real city, I try to visit the malls. Just for the heck of it. I'm not a big mall rat or something. I stock up on groceries that I don't get at my place, mostly herbs, spices, sauces, cheap imports. So, while doing this I saw a young couple shopping for diapers. A jumbo pack of diapers. Maybe a pack of 30, costing, what, maybe an equivalent of $10. It was then that, I saw for the very first time how large a pack of diapers can actually get. The largest pack at the store had dimensions like 1'x2'x2'. One might need help to drag that babe home. Looked like it had a few hundred pieces inside. I didn't read the pack labels closely. Instead, I started thinking.
Hmmm, so this is the American way of life everybody says we're moving to. Hmm, wait! How long do you think these pack will last for a family with one child? ( Unless it's a joint household, chances are only one will be potty untrained at a point of time?) Now if that pack is meant to be consumed over a month, or even two, the baby would have to be in diapers 24x7.
Call us poor people. We never kept our baby in diapers in the daytime at home. A diaper was used only when going out or, sometimes during the night, when one was not in the mood to change nappies. I thought the idea was to let the kid feel that pissing in one's pants causes a lot of discomfort and encourage it to raise alarm before letting go. Thus started the early lessons of potty training .Now, if you take away discomfort from the whole affair what do you get? A three year old pre-nursery bloke soiling himself at the drop of a hat, perhaps?
Actually I was thinking like poor people. What difference does it make in the long run if a baby is potty trained at the age of two or four? None indeed, except in the bottomline of m/s Johnson & Johnson.

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